Monk, Simon. Programming the Raspberry Pi, Third Edition: Getting Started with Python. New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2021.

Programming the Raspberry Pi, Third Edition: Getting Started with Python


Published:  June 2021 Pages: 208

eISBN: 9781264257362 | ISBN: 9781264257355

Book description:

An up-to-date guide to creating your own fun and useful Raspberry Pi™ programs

• This fully updated guide shows how to create inventive programs and fun games on your powerful Raspberry Pi—with no programming experience required. Programming the Raspberry Pi™: Getting Started with Python, Third Edition addresses physical changes and new setup procedures as well as OS updates to the current version 4. You will discover how to configure hardware and software, write Python scripts, create user-friendly GUIs, and control external electronics. Step-by-step projects include a digital clock prototype and a fully functioning Raspberry Pi robot.

• Configure your Raspberry Pi and explore its features

• Start writing and debugging Python programs

• Use strings, lists, functions, and dictionaries

• Work with modules, classes, and methods

• Apply object-oriented development methods

• Create user-friendly games using Pygame

• Build intuitive user interfaces with guizero

• Interface with hardware using the gpiozero library

• Attach external electronics through the GPIO port

• Add powerful Web features to your projects

Simon Monk has authored 25 titles on electronics and programming. His books have sold nearly a million copies worldwide and have been translated into nine languages. He also designs products for Monk Makes, the business he runs with his wife.